Buenos Aires: Black and White

 Beunos Aires is a colourful city, almost too colourful.

With each shot taken I seem to find an awkward colour sticking out, distracting me and leading my eye from the very thing I am supposed to be focusing on. For days I am left feeling frustated as I review the photographs I have taken.

As a city its fascinating, there is so much happening, the pace frentic. My eye seems to capture daily interactions that my photographs dont seem to replicate. Maybe street photography just isnt my thing.

Walking down the street a black and white photograph in a shop forces me to stop in my tracks, moving closer I admire the simpilicity and detail captured in the photo.

That black and white photograph sticks in memory. As I walk the streets over the next few days I find my view takes on a new perspective. I am looking for something different.

Focusing on the simplicity I saw in that image rather than the clutter I see in my own photographs I begin to work on a set of black and white photographs.

For me they capture a more honest and sincere view of the city. It is how I will remember the city

Band San Telmo

Recoleta Trees

Tango Dancers Recoleta



Diagonal Norte

Car San Telmo

San Telmo

Casa Rosado

Flea Market San TelmoAvenida 9 de Julio


  1. Mark

    A few photos of the South American hotties would be appreciated!

    • Mike

      I’ll work on it Mr Baxendale!

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