I’m a cyclist, runner, lapsed adventure racer, brother, uncle, project manager, photographer, writer and small business owner.

My passion for the outdoors and natural landscapes has taken me to some of the world’s wild places. Yet I have merely scratched the surface, my curiosity fuels a desire to connect dots on a map both near and far, to recollect the sights and sounds of what were once just names on a map.

Working for over a decade in a corporate IT job, I decided it was time to see some more of this big wide world as ideas and dreams began to outgrow the standard two week holiday from work.

Questioning the direction life was taking me, I quit my job and hit pause on my career. Away from the daily noise and distraction of modern day life, Facebook and social media updates I afforded myself time to do the very things that inspired me.

In doing so I turned what were once dreams in to reality, learn’t a lot about myself, and developed a passion for travel and adventure photography, as well as writing. I’m yet to have a major epiphany or indeed find my life’s calling, but for now at least I’m happy finding a balance between extended trips away whilst earning enough money to make the next plan possible.

My trips generally focus on human power by bike or on foot, played out slowly enough to see the contours of the landscape unfold around me, to meet new people and to linger where I wish.

The Adventure Starts

The Start Here page brings you up to speed with some of the trips I have made. Not without the odd twist and turn it’s been a thrilling journey which without a simple act of commitment would have never been possible.



  1. Chris Goodman

    Hey Mike… I hadn’t read this page before. I think losing both parents makes you ask some big questions about life. My mum died 18 months ago (and Dad some 20 years ago) and I have definitely gone through a similar process of realising how quickly time passes, and questioning many of those things that we take for granted as being the norm in modern life. I wrote a little about it here a year ago (www.uninspiredramblings.com/2013/05/14/getting-back-in-the-saddle/). Already a year has passed and I’ve not yet left! I hope your trip is turning out to be everything you hope – it certainly looks like it. Chris

  2. Denise Blanchard

    Hi! Mike!

    Great blog! We also follow Cass and we will start our trip in South America in a few days, from Lima, Peru. Maybe we’ll cross roads somewhere, who knows.

    Denise and Charles

    • Mike

      Hi Denise

      Thanks for the kind words.

      Hopefully Cass and I will see you on a dirt road somewhere, or perhaps even in La Paz.

      Enjoy the start of your trip!

  3. Phil

    If you end up coming through Lima (not sure why you would though, it’s much better through the mountains) drop me a note and I may be able to give you a place to stay…


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