I originally started this blog in 2005 whilst working as a web developer and blogged about many of the technical issues I was facing on a day to day basis. The project I was working on was fairly bleeding edge open source project at the time and was much an aide memoire for myself as it was beneficial for others.

In the preceding couple of years I added more and more content, however with a change of employer and dwindling enthusiasm for writing purely technical content the site stalled.

Revisiting the site with a fresh set of eyes over 8 years later much of what I wrote is horrifically out of date and been superceded by newer technical solutions, therefore I decided to prune the technical content and concentrate on documenting some of the more interesting things that have captured my imagination recently.

Using a microblogging format my hope is that I can surface interesting content without the pangs of guilt for not having written a new blog post in a while, or feel the need to pad the site out to make it feel as though there is more content. After all I have a busy job, and as a keen outdoor enthusiast I’d rather spend my time doing the things I love.

2013 looks set to be an interesting year, sit back and enjoy the ride.













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