Machu Picchu

For the moment at least I am fast forwarding you through my journey from the Bolivian Antiplano and onward to the Peruvian Andes.

Leaving Cass behind at the road head in the Peruvian town of Tinqui, 130 kilometers outside Cusco I take a bus in to the historic capital of the Incan Empire to meet Ivonne.

After a couple of days relaxing in Cusco we join the steady throng of tourists making their way to the Sacred Valley and one of the most recognisable icons of Incan civilisation; Machu Picchu.

By morning we take the tourist train from Ollantaytambo. The train gentle rolling along the train tracks which I have followed from Juliaca at the the northern edge of Lake Titicaca. Despite the train’s hefty price tag the glass roofed ceiling provides for an atmospheric journey as the valley slow constricts, steep sided valleys plungied from snow capped mountains.

That picture postcard view.

Picture postcard view

Climbing upward to the Sungate, the full complex comes in to view.


We relax on terraces overlooking the main complex as rain clouds build.

Main Complex

Terraces and steep valleys.


Incan style dry stone walls.


Extensive terracing. Used for agriculture.


Rooms with views.


Inti worship is in short supply. As the Peruvian rainy season fast approaches, rain comes and goes. We pull up our hoods or seek sanctuary under thatched roofed buildings.

Hoods Up

Built by hand. Hundreds of men are believed to have moved each stone on the site.


The Urubamba River over 450 metres below. Encasing the site on three sides.

Views Below

We linger and wander through a maze of buildings.


Expertly built over 500 years ago.


As the tourist buses take passengers back down to Aguas Calientes, we walk down via Incan steps and pleasant flowers. In awe at what we have just seen.



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    Wow thats some jump that not a wheel or gun in sight . What about aa coca leaf ?
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    what an awesome place on the roof of the world, and we think we are developed?
    Great post big man, keep safe and happy’ life is to live, go for it.
    Your big bro

  3. Maik

    Awesome pictures! Thank you very much!

  4. Daniella & Bogdan

    Very nice pictures, indeed! we are preparing to cycle in Peru this summer, but it will be alltogether only seven weeks. We are now reading your blog about cycling Peru to get some inspiration!


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