For years I’ve been fascinated by the natural environment and climate, unsurprising given many of my past times are in the natural environment.

Living in the UK and especially on the Pennines we get our fair share of (shall we say) inclement weather to contend with. Even in the past 10 years our summers seem to have got wetter and winters cooler, books like ‘The Weather Makers’ and other climatic change books make no bones that much of this is driven by human impact on the planet.

Its a hugely emotive and contradictory topic with many nunances, one thing is for sure over the coming years this is something we will need to adapt to as certain areas become uninhabitable and more pressure is put on dwindling food resources.

The How Many Gigatons of CO2? Infographic neatly illustrates climatic change and its consequences for anyone still burying their head in the sand of its potential impact.

The question is how will you do your bit?

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