Torres Del Paine: Trekking The Full Circuit

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Torres Del Paine: Trekking The Full Circuit

More high winds and a bout of food poisoning should have dampened my spirits further but the psychological crux of arriving in Puerto Natales under blue skies and light winds makes the past few days troubles pale in to insignificance, as I ride in to town I sing my head off (albeit badly). After almost […]

A New Year: a new set of reflections

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A New Year: a new set of reflections

It’s New Years Eve. I’m just about to leave my apartment and head to a house party when a message pops in to my inbox. It’s from Tom. We met last year at a mountain bike race in Nepal and saw the New Year in together with our fellow competitors after 5 days hard racing. […]

Trekking the Manaslu Circuit

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Trekking the Manaslu Circuit

Arriving in the Himalayas I didn’t have a clear idea how my trip would fit together, everything was a rush. There was no grand plan; the decision where to start my trip was left to the very last minute whilst I stood in Delhi bus station. I had a lot of ideas, probably too many. […]

Pennine Bridleway Bikepacking

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Despite the bureaucracy which has delayed my trip, during the course of the year I’ve amassed a huge amount of new kit, not to mention a Surly Ogre custom built by the lovely guys at Keep Pedalling. Neither the bike or kit has been tested nearly enough and so I came up with a number […]

A manifesto to live by

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Mountain Running in Wales

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Beautiful video from Polished Project following Sarah Ridgway of Run Snowdonia running up and down a few mountains in her natural playground of Snowdonia (North Wales). The video totally sums up why many of us run, beautiful scenery and time to get some head space and clarity in life. Reason enough to tie up those […]

Toeing the starting line

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Toeing the starting line

Ask most people in the UK what they are working towards, and the answer generally revolves around elevating their standard of living in order to keep up with their peers. A better paid job, bigger house, nicer car, fancier holidays its a self fulfilling prophecy the one of ‘perfection’ that is only ever momentarily sated […]

How many gigatons of Co2?

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For years I’ve been fascinated by the natural environment and climate, unsurprising given many of my past times are in the natural environment. Living in the UK and especially on the Pennines we get our fair share of (shall we say) inclement weather to contend with. Even in the past 10 years our summers seem […]

The Three Hour Microadventure

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Over the years I’ve read many of Al’s books, seen him talk and exchanged a couple of emails with him on various subjects. What always impresses me is Al’s take on how we perceive both time and the very concept of ‘adventure’. His latest edition only goes to demonstrate that adventure is within the grasp […]

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The record is the journey   Tom Allen’s inscription in my copy of ‘Janapar’ his self published book provided a timely reminder that not all journeys are equal, rather than a race against the clock some should be savoured, documented and reflected on in years to come as the memories fade.

A Brief Recap

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I originally started this blog in 2005 whilst working as a web developer and blogged about many of the technical issues I was facing on a day to day basis. The project I was working on was fairly bleeding edge open source project at the time and was much an aide memoire for myself as […]