How many gigatons of Co2?

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For years I’ve been fascinated by the natural environment and climate, unsurprising given many of my past times are in the natural environment. Living in the UK and especially on the Pennines we get our fair share of (shall we say) inclement weather to contend with. Even in the past 10 years our summers seem […]

The Three Hour Microadventure

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Over the years I’ve read many of Al’s books, seen him talk and exchanged a couple of emails with him on various subjects. What always impresses me is Al’s take on how we perceive both time and the very concept of ‘adventure’. His latest edition only goes to demonstrate that adventure is within the grasp […]

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The record is the journey   Tom Allen’s inscription in my copy of ‘Janapar’ his self published book provided a timely reminder that not all journeys are equal, rather than a race against the clock some should be savoured, documented and reflected on in years to come as the memories fade.

Kathmandu Valley Mountain Biking

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A week after returning from my trip to Nepal this film appeared as part of Singletrack Magazine’s mid week movie feature. Whilst its not the most ‘fnarr’ type mountain biking film you’ll ever see it illustrates what great mountain biking exists in and around the Kathmandu Valley. The couple of days mountain biking I did […]

A Brief Recap

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I originally started this blog in 2005 whilst working as a web developer and blogged about many of the technical issues I was facing on a day to day basis. The project I was working on was fairly bleeding edge open source project at the time and was much an aide memoire for myself as […]